Learning ontologies made simple, and fun!

Learn ontologies, with games!

Learning ontologies is not trivial. It demands to develop both a knowledge and a 'savoir faire' in order to model facts with accuracy.

KB-Match is a video game framework initially developed in the context of teaching the Cidoc-Crm ontology (http://cidoc-crm-game.org). Based on a time-tested print to play card game, it is designed to ease and accelerate the learning of ontologies with high quality card games.

By manipulating cards, the learner has a more concrete grasp and a better visualization of ontologies' principles. Playing with Entity cards, Property cards and trying to properly associate them to describe instances gradually walks the player through a solid and profound knowledge of ontology formalism.

The game IS your data

KB-Match automatically generates Entity and Property cards from an ontology RDF file. If you modify, add or remove an element from the ontology, the game content and UI will adapt instantly.

Furthermore, sub and super classes relations are "automagically" deduced. Player can navigate in the hierarchy via an intuitive scrolling, interactive list.

Unlimited customization

Once a game is created with KB-Match, you can freely update content (classes, entities, instances), customize scoring system or create unlimited new levels and challenges without any code. Every screen will dynamically adapt to your custom games (Levels, player stats, etc.).

Additionaly, you can create as many instance cards as you want by simply providing text based data and related images. KB-Match will automatically compose nice looking cards that you can use in any of your games.

KB-Match allows you to create the game you need to teach ontologies.

Use case : Cidoc-Crm game

Masa consortium makes use of KB-Match system to teach the
Cidoc-Crm ontology. Give it a try!

Cidoc-CRM digital game

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